It’s ALL about mindset.

If you would have asked me a few years ago what I think about our minds controlling our destiny, I would have told you that you were out of YOUR mind for even asking me about it.

But now I know that the mind is much more powerful than I (or anyone) realizes, and that we should respectfully pay attention to people like David Bayer who can walk us through the steps of increasing our brain power, I urge you to listen to this show:

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The word “networking” gets a bad rap

On our show What Women Want Talk Radio last night we discussed what makes “networking” so cringy (as my daughter would call it) and what we can do when we walk into events to not only turn that image around but to take it as far as we can and find huge success with simple steps.

I was a guest on my own show (fun!) along with Marie Fratoni, founder of Get Clients Everywhere as well as a networking master in Atlanta who runs one of her own collaboration groups called WPDN, and we had honest and fun conversation about the whole industry with our awesome host and mogul influencer Kristin West – listen to our replay here: 9.6 Achieving Our Highest Success social.jpg

Former TODAY Show Anchor Still Gets Nervous

It’s typical…you’re going out to speak in front of a crowd or even make a toast at a family dinner and here come the hand shakes…the perspiration…maybe even a dry mouth, and as you draw your attention to it, it gets worse!

Well, former TODAY Show anchor Jane Hanson said she has experienced this, no matter how many times she has appeared in front of the masses and hearing her say this somehow makes me feel BETTER. Not because she has suffered through it also but because that I know that if she gets it, then all of us should know that it’s more common than we think. It’s how to deal with it and plow through it – perhaps even USE it! – to communicate your message the most effective way with your audience, whether you are on TV, in front of a live audience or simply putting yourself out there in front of the family at that holiday meal. Here is Jane talking about the ways we can best Broadcast Our Brand and even use foibles to our advantage:

6.21 Broadcasting Your Brand social

Going after your IT.

Road to the future - is business ownership your next career
Are you going after the right things? How about paying attention to the signs that you are in the right career or even relationship that’s best for YOU? Listen to Chaitra’s incredible story of how she found her IT by almost mistake (and has become very successful at IT!) and Jane Bishop who is an expert on nailing down your IT and turning it into success:
Co-hosted by Kristin West
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