If It Doesn’t FEEL Good, Don’t Do It.

be still pic del

Ahhh, easier said than done!

I’m talking business and personal – if it doesn’t FEEL good, don’t do it.

I’ve known this for decades, but it has taken me all my life to actually apply it. How many times have you thought to yourself, “I KNEW I shouldn’t have done that/said that/made that/taken that!” and you still did it???

I bet more times than you can count.

So how do we catch ourselves before the realizing of this is too late?”

There are good reasons why the bestsellers “Think and Grow Rich,” “The Secret” and all the endless vision board seminars and meditation classes (and life coaches!) are so popular…because the people reading these books and taking the classes and coaching know that there has to be a certain mindset if you want to be happy and successful (the definition of “happy and successful” is an entirely separate blog topic, btw, let’s not delve into that here) and they all want to know how to do it.

So how do we tap into that…KNOWING? The “feeling good” part of the equation?

In my experience, meditating and listening to people has taught me how to better navigate my own map of self-actualization. No, really.

*FLASHBACK* When I was younger, people would tell me to take time to “listen…” Listen to WHAT?! “Just stay quiet and listen…” well, if it’s quiet then what is there to listen to? Will I hear a voice? No one told me that that “voice” may actually not be talking…that it’s more of a feeling. And yes, you have to be still for more than 30 seconds to “hear” the inner voice that is trying to talk to you. I pushed back against this concept for many years, knowing that I was quite happy being busy, and no “inner voice” was going to make me a better person.

Was I wrong.

I’m not saying a “better person” as in a missionary or someone who dedicates their life to helping others (that’s extreme!) but doing good unto YOURSELF. What a concept. When you start to pay attention to yourself, you start to access that “feeling” that points you in the right direction in your everyday life. Many famous philosophers, teachers, spiritual guides and quantum physicists (there must be proof in THAT industry!) know the magic of listening to that inner voice.

Next time something doesn’t feel good or it makes you sweat or think twice, stop and think for a second. Are you going to tell yourself later “I KNEW I shouldn’t have done that/said that/made that/taken that…”?!

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I hate the word TRANSITION.

Judy speaking Sarasota

Whenever I’m going through something new or shocking, people say I’m in “transition.” Again? How come I always seem to be going THROUGH transition and never getting to the other side?

Because that is my life long lesson that I’ve learned through all the decades of my rattle-caging experiences:  divorce, death of a family member, death of a best friend, bankruptcy, being laid-off, about a dozen surgeries, having pre-mature twins after spending 2 months in the hospital, my own health issues that almost killed me, getting left on a dark road in the country of Morocco after pissing a client off (it wasn’t my fault) at the age of 22, and so on and so on…

We never get there, so get used to it. Transition through your transitions with power and courage.

After I started embracing the JOURNEY that we’re taking to get through the ever-loving TRANSITIONS, I realized that it really is along the way where we learn how to live happy, fulfilled lives. We can’t wait til we get there, we need to keep pushing forward and appreciating the events that take us to the next level.

One of my inspirations is Martha Lanier, who wrote a book called “Pink Lemonade.” She found her happy while going through her fight with breast cancer – yes, you read that correctly! She said that she was so excited when the doctor told her after surgery that she didn’t have to vacuum for three months. Martha is an incredible woman who jumped out of a plane for the first time at the age of 50 (she had a parachute on, don’t worry) and then became an Iron Girl tri-athlete at the age of 60 AFTER beating breast cancer. So, if someone with breast cancer can find their happy in their transitions, THEN SO CAN I.

I still don’t like the word “transition” so I’m going to think of it as more of a step to the next level every time I’m in transition (which as you may have noticed so far in this blog is constantly in my life and probably yours also), instead of something that looks like a confusing vortex that is spinning me around uncontrollably.

So bring it on, the next step, the next change, the next obstacle to climb in order to get to the next plateau.

Just get me to the next TRANSITION and I will be happy. 🙂

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Entrepreneurial Agita

Kingda Ka Roller Coaster, Six Flags

The journey of an entrepreneur is never easy…but worth the ride, right?

That depends.

Do you like roller coasters as they soar up to the sky and then almost stop as they are about to drop into an abyss that looks from the top way, way to steep to be able to stave your body from flying out of the car?

Well, that’s the ride you take over and over again when you start and build a business of your own.

But then of course there’s the relief afterwards, the triumphant “I made it!” feeling that makes it all worth it. The pride, the accomplishment, the independence. Those are only some of the reasons we are all part of this crazy entrepreneurial journey. Right? 

I would love to know some of your reasons, we are all so very different and even as I interviewed the CEO of peach, Janet Kraus, last night on What Women Want Talk Radio about her entrepreneurial path, I realized that no matter what your background, or who you are, there are still those rides on the entrepreneurial coaster that go wayyyyyy UP and wayyyyyy DOWN. Even though she went to Stanford Business School, built and sold two companies and even taught at Harvard Business School, she still had her own bumpy ride along the way to experience.

Listen to “Journey of a Bra Boss” and let me know your reasons for being an entrepreneur or one of your roller coaster stories! Because in the end, the best way to learn is from each other.



Your Health – What You DON’T Want to Talk About


Last night I laid it all out there in front of tens of thousands of listeners that I have constant stomach issues (all my life), experienced severe hemorrhoids when pregnant and I have two auto-immune disorders I fight every day.

Most of us are hesitant to talk about our health, I wonder why? Is it considered a weakness if you are sick or have a disease or disorder? One of our esteemed guests, Dr. Kris Sargent, said that the number one complaint when people walk into her holistic healing center is “I feel like crap!” Unfortunately, as we get older, it only gets worse. Hormonal shifts, digestive issues and an increased chance of getting cancer are all what we have to look forward to with aging.

Getting depressed yet?

Well, the good news is a lot of this you can prevent with routine check-ups and pro-active plans to elevate your health! It doesn’t matter what age you are. The younger the better, but you can start at any time to improve your health – it’s never too late. Dr. Sargent gave us some basic tips on this show that anyone can take to start feeling good right away.

Our other guest, Dr. June Chen, who specializes in breast imagery, stressed about the importance of mammograms, explained what “dense breasts” meant, debunked some of the myths that are out there and answered the most common questions asked by women including how important mammograms REALLY are.

Listen to the download of “Your Health – What You DON’T Want to Talk About”: LATalkRadio.com

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What To Do With You – Personal Branding


I have several brands to keep track of: Judy Goss Inc., What Women Want TalkRadio, Over 40 Females…but I manage to keep them consistent across the board. They are all about my main vision of celebrating women’s stories and educating and learning with each other for mutual elevation and empowerment.

What are YOU about?

What do you say when someone asks “What do you do?”

My answer depends on where I am at the time and who I am speaking to…since I have three parts to my business I tailor my conversation to my audience. If you have one brand then you don’t have to do that, but you do have to make it concise and powerful.

It is the essence of who YOU are that you should be thinking about behind your personal brand. First you need to define how you want to serve the public and make sure you incorporate that into your promotion. Be honest and consistent. People can feel whether you are authentic or not, and it needs to shine through when you are marketing yourself or your business. I do realize that sometimes you have to do certain things you may not love to pay the bills at first (I’ve been there many times!), but if you work at those things the same time you are working towards your end goal (the brass ring of success as YOU define it – not your friends or family), then you will get there.

Here are some examples:

  • If you are a life coach, what is your specialty? What is your personal life experience that makes you authentic?
  • If photography is your thing, are you blogging or posting on social media tips to take photos in the best light? Positioning yourself as an expert in your field is important.
  • Or maybe you are a finance expert – are you sending newsletters to your clients about the financial landscape of the stock market?
  • If you sell products, what industry are you in? I have a friend who is a jewelry designer who is offering jewelry-making classes for extra income and at the same time that supports her platform as an expert gemologist.

All these bullets above are suggestions on how to support your “brand.”  There is a consistency that is needed throughout when branding yourself, so make sure that every post, video and blog is related to who you are.

Next stop? What to do when marketing yourself!

Click here for our show on “Are You Tripping Over Your Marketing Shoelaces?” with the author of “The Accidental Marketer” Mary Abbazia.

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What’s YOUR Story?

Everyone has one!

What Women Want radio show “What’s Your Story” preview and download link here:

atlanta launch photoKelly McNelis knows MILLIONS of women that have stories…how? She founded a website called WomenforOne.com where women can sign in and tell their stories from all around the world – ANY story, and you would not believe what some of the women are going through in other countries! Kelly believes that the best way to propel yourself forward is to realize what the inner you is all about and to face your what you have been through head on.

Truth telling, that’s what Kelly calls it. Not so easy, is it? What Kelly says about herself :

“I’m not perfect, but I’m real. I’m random. Bratty. Kind. I was a college cheerleader. I lived in India with a guru and meditated in caves. I was into punk rock. I was an actress. I am a mom. I am an incest survivor. And these experiences are all a part of me – the good, the bad, and the ugly…I’m a minister. I drink too much sometimes. I yell at my kids (I really try to minimize this one!). Sometimes I don’t wear a bra. I am messy, I’m genuine, and I’m perfectly imperfect.”

Kelly and Judy talk about how women need to have a voice, especially when they are traumatized. Kelly thought she had the perfect life, then in her 20′s had a realization that she had been a incest survivor. After that she hit rock bottom and turned around to look deep within herself and figure out what she really wants.

Listen in as the discussion unfolds about how Kelly turned her life around and what she is doing to elevate women around the world to become their best version of self also: