What’s YOUR Story?

Everyone has one!

What Women Want radio show “What’s Your Story” preview and download link here:

atlanta launch photoKelly McNelis knows MILLIONS of women that have stories…how? She founded a website called WomenforOne.com where women can sign in and tell their stories from all around the world – ANY story, and you would not believe what some of the women are going through in other countries! Kelly believes that the best way to propel yourself forward is to realize what the inner you is all about and to face your what you have been through head on.

Truth telling, that’s what Kelly calls it. Not so easy, is it? What Kelly says about herself :

“I’m not perfect, but I’m real. I’m random. Bratty. Kind. I was a college cheerleader. I lived in India with a guru and meditated in caves. I was into punk rock. I was an actress. I am a mom. I am an incest survivor. And these experiences are all a part of me – the good, the bad, and the ugly…I’m a minister. I drink too much sometimes. I yell at my kids (I really try to minimize this one!). Sometimes I don’t wear a bra. I am messy, I’m genuine, and I’m perfectly imperfect.”

Kelly and Judy talk about how women need to have a voice, especially when they are traumatized. Kelly thought she had the perfect life, then in her 20′s had a realization that she had been a incest survivor. After that she hit rock bottom and turned around to look deep within herself and figure out what she really wants.

Listen in as the discussion unfolds about how Kelly turned her life around and what she is doing to elevate women around the world to become their best version of self also:



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