Your Health – What You DON’T Want to Talk About


Last night I laid it all out there in front of tens of thousands of listeners that I have constant stomach issues (all my life), experienced severe hemorrhoids when pregnant and I have two auto-immune disorders I fight every day.

Most of us are hesitant to talk about our health, I wonder why? Is it considered a weakness if you are sick or have a disease or disorder? One of our esteemed guests, Dr. Kris Sargent, said that the number one complaint when people walk into her holistic healing center is “I feel like crap!” Unfortunately, as we get older, it only gets worse. Hormonal shifts, digestive issues and an increased chance of getting cancer are all what we have to look forward to with aging.

Getting depressed yet?

Well, the good news is a lot of this you can prevent with routine check-ups and pro-active plans to elevate your health! It doesn’t matter what age you are. The younger the better, but you can start at any time to improve your health – it’s never too late. Dr. Sargent gave us some basic tips on this show that anyone can take to start feeling good right away.

Our other guest, Dr. June Chen, who specializes in breast imagery, stressed about the importance of mammograms, explained what “dense breasts” meant, debunked some of the myths that are out there and answered the most common questions asked by women including how important mammograms REALLY are.

Listen to the download of “Your Health – What You DON’T Want to Talk About”:

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