Entrepreneurial Agita

Kingda Ka Roller Coaster, Six Flags

The journey of an entrepreneur is never easy…but worth the ride, right?

That depends.

Do you like roller coasters as they soar up to the sky and then almost stop as they are about to drop into an abyss that looks from the top way, way to steep to be able to stave your body from flying out of the car?

Well, that’s the ride you take over and over again when you start and build a business of your own.

But then of course there’s the relief afterwards, the triumphant “I made it!” feeling that makes it all worth it. The pride, the accomplishment, the independence. Those are only some of the reasons we are all part of this crazy entrepreneurial journey. Right? 

I would love to know some of your reasons, we are all so very different and even as I interviewed the CEO of peach, Janet Kraus, last night on What Women Want Talk Radio about her entrepreneurial path, I realized that no matter what your background, or who you are, there are still those rides on the entrepreneurial coaster that go wayyyyyy UP and wayyyyyy DOWN. Even though she went to Stanford Business School, built and sold two companies and even taught at Harvard Business School, she still had her own bumpy ride along the way to experience.

Listen to “Journey of a Bra Boss” and let me know your reasons for being an entrepreneur or one of your roller coaster stories! Because in the end, the best way to learn is from each other.




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