I hate the word TRANSITION.

Judy speaking Sarasota

Whenever I’m going through something new or shocking, people say I’m in “transition.” Again? How come I always seem to be going THROUGH transition and never getting to the other side?

Because that is my life long lesson that I’ve learned through all the decades of my rattle-caging experiences:  divorce, death of a family member, death of a best friend, bankruptcy, being laid-off, about a dozen surgeries, having pre-mature twins after spending 2 months in the hospital, my own health issues that almost killed me, getting left on a dark road in the country of Morocco after pissing a client off (it wasn’t my fault) at the age of 22, and so on and so on…

We never get there, so get used to it. Transition through your transitions with power and courage.

After I started embracing the JOURNEY that we’re taking to get through the ever-loving TRANSITIONS, I realized that it really is along the way where we learn how to live happy, fulfilled lives. We can’t wait til we get there, we need to keep pushing forward and appreciating the events that take us to the next level.

One of my inspirations is Martha Lanier, who wrote a book called “Pink Lemonade.” She found her happy while going through her fight with breast cancer – yes, you read that correctly! She said that she was so excited when the doctor told her after surgery that she didn’t have to vacuum for three months. Martha is an incredible woman who jumped out of a plane for the first time at the age of 50 (she had a parachute on, don’t worry) and then became an Iron Girl tri-athlete at the age of 60 AFTER beating breast cancer. So, if someone with breast cancer can find their happy in their transitions, THEN SO CAN I.

I still don’t like the word “transition” so I’m going to think of it as more of a step to the next level every time I’m in transition (which as you may have noticed so far in this blog is constantly in my life and probably yours also), instead of something that looks like a confusing vortex that is spinning me around uncontrollably.

So bring it on, the next step, the next change, the next obstacle to climb in order to get to the next plateau.

Just get me to the next TRANSITION and I will be happy. 🙂

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