If It Doesn’t FEEL Good, Don’t Do It.

be still pic del

Ahhh, easier said than done!

I’m talking business and personal – if it doesn’t FEEL good, don’t do it.

I’ve known this for decades, but it has taken me all my life to actually apply it. How many times have you thought to yourself, “I KNEW I shouldn’t have done that/said that/made that/taken that!” and you still did it???

I bet more times than you can count.

So how do we catch ourselves before the realizing of this is too late?”

There are good reasons why the bestsellers “Think and Grow Rich,” “The Secret” and all the endless vision board seminars and meditation classes (and life coaches!) are so popular…because the people reading these books and taking the classes and coaching know that there has to be a certain mindset if you want to be happy and successful (the definition of “happy and successful” is an entirely separate blog topic, btw, let’s not delve into that here) and they all want to know how to do it.

So how do we tap into that…KNOWING? The “feeling good” part of the equation?

In my experience, meditating and listening to people has taught me how to better navigate my own map of self-actualization. No, really.

*FLASHBACK* When I was younger, people would tell me to take time to “listen…” Listen to WHAT?! “Just stay quiet and listen…” well, if it’s quiet then what is there to listen to? Will I hear a voice? No one told me that that “voice” may actually not be talking…that it’s more of a feeling. And yes, you have to be still for more than 30 seconds to “hear” the inner voice that is trying to talk to you. I pushed back against this concept for many years, knowing that I was quite happy being busy, and no “inner voice” was going to make me a better person.

Was I wrong.

I’m not saying a “better person” as in a missionary or someone who dedicates their life to helping others (that’s extreme!) but doing good unto YOURSELF. What a concept. When you start to pay attention to yourself, you start to access that “feeling” that points you in the right direction in your everyday life. Many famous philosophers, teachers, spiritual guides and quantum physicists (there must be proof in THAT industry!) know the magic of listening to that inner voice.

Next time something doesn’t feel good or it makes you sweat or think twice, stop and think for a second. Are you going to tell yourself later “I KNEW I shouldn’t have done that/said that/made that/taken that…”?!

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2 thoughts on “If It Doesn’t FEEL Good, Don’t Do It.

  1. great piece, and it feels great to let you know you’re appreciated! not feeling right, and feeling like “work” have been great determinates in whether something is best for me. “when you start paying attention to yourself” – BINGO baby!!! it’s just something you feel for sure! thanks for a great and important reminder for my day today and tomorrow!! an unknown friend, momentummikey 🙂 🙂


  2. In my personal experience, it all comes down to trusting myself, which is quite interesting because the more I trust myself, the more I listen to my gut and the more I listen to my gut, the more I trust myself.


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