Three Generations, Many Revelations

What happens when you put three generations of women together on one talk radio show?

I got impassioned when I saw replies from a post on Facebook where someone asked for help writing “as a millennial” because that is what her boss requested. The answers ranged from “use a lot of hashtags!” to “write it in fragmented sentences” – what the wha???  Btw, I got that last phrase from my 11-year old, NOT a millennial.

As my antennae went up after seeing that post, I started to notice that “millennial” was often used in a disparaging way, and I am still not sure why. I saw a previous Time Magazine with “Help! My Parents Are Millennials!” on the cover and I immediately thought “I’m sure the writer of that article wasn’t a millennial!” It wasn’t a complimentary article, as you can imagine. Why must we emphasize what we think people are doing wrong? One word comes to mind: judgemental.

Look, MY parents sure as heck didn’t think that I worked as hard as them (I’m a workaholic who has had countless 90-hour weeks while raising twin babies), appreciated anything as much as them (I thank God for everything I have every day – or try, you know, sometimes we get distracted), and they most likely thought that I would never end up as happy as them because I wasn’t following their traditional footsteps of how everything was supposed to be done. Well, after modeling around the world, having a diverse amount of careers under my belt and now as a radio show host/author/entrepreneur, I’m incredibly happy with my twin daughters, stepson and beautiful husband of 15 years).

SO I found myself wanting to help out, not just that generation but ALL of us, to bridge some understandings – not trying to be like the others necessarily but trying to accept and understand and maybe learn a thing or two that would help us further our own betterment.

And I couldn’t have picked more fascinating guests to help break open some of the mysteries of why we are so quick to judge people of different ages/generations and what we can do to move the world forward in a more positive, supportive direction.

Listen to the resourceful awareness and in-depth knowledge of award-winning actress Kristin West (our token millennial), award-winning reporter/author Dr. Robi Ludwig (our token baby boomer) and me, the host of What Women Want Talk Radio – the token Generation X-er (also known as the “in-between” generation) and see what magic YOU can create in someone’s life with a little more understanding of where they are coming from:


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