Fear of Failure? Sounds Ridiculous BUT…

I must admit, the first 853 times I heard this phrase I thought “How ridiculous!”

But guess what? I’ve come to learn that if you don’t know what it means, then perhaps you have never faced it.


I went to lunch with a radio show guest of mine, Danielle Tate, who I interviewed recently on What Women Want Talk Radio, and we talked about how common this feeling is, yet how uncommon it is for us to admit that we’ve experienced it.

Danielle is the author of “Elegant Entrepreneur: The Female Founders Guide to Starting & Growing Your First Business” and has spoken in front of hundreds of hopeful entrepreneurs about this very subject. As she and I spoke after our interview, I realized how very relevant this subject is to women (and men!) of every age. We don’t think about it but have to face it in every aspect of our lives. Have you ever been laid off/fired from a job? Failure. How about started a business and it folded? Failure. Divorce? Failure. I could name numerous other life happenings that we consider to be “failures” but are actually diving boards which we can spring back from and surface to become better than ever from learning from our “failures.”

I listened to the CEO of Bally Americas, Claudia Cividino, recently speak at an Over 40 Females networking event in NYC and she told us that one of the jobs she had previous to Bally she was fired from and it was her biggest failure/life lesson that she could ever imagine. But after that she ended up with the best job that she could ever imagine, which was at Bally, and it would have never happened if she didn’t get bounced from her previous position. Just like Steve Jobs – he dropped out of college, was fired from more than one job and at first not successful at his business ventures,  BUT – he had to experience his share of failures to get over and above where he imagined himself to be.

SO, my point is…why be afraid of failure if it eventually gets us to where we want to be and more? Everyone has gone through it and if you don’t let it bring you down it can propel you to worlds beyond your imagination… just ask any successful human being.


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