How to NOT lose your cool with no school

2015-07-11 21.20.20

It’s summertime and school has ended but Mom’s are still working at their jobs or if not, running around trying to figure out what to do with the kids all day.

Where does that leave that so called “time for yourself” you are supposed to take to survive it all? What’s a fair line to draw in that “work-balance” area with you and your family?

  1. Get organized – if you find yourself spinning in all different directions, it will really benefit you to take a step back and get more organized. Since I work from home, I found myself running out to the grocery store and pharmacy sometimes 2 – 3 times a day, when if I just would have taken the time to sit down and make a list for 15 minutes, I could strategize and divide and conquer (also by ordering my groceries on the Internet for delivery). Get a crock pot, plan dinners in advance, wake up earlier to take the stress out of getting ready for the day if you have to go to work.
  2. Exercise – this can be taking the steps instead of the elevator! Instead of typing on your phone when the kids are at the park, take a walk with lunges, do jumping jacks – anything to get moving. If you are exhausted from working after picking up the kids, push yourself to exercise the first few times – 10 MINUTES/DAY WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Just ten. It’s worth it to be healthy and have a clear mind. Also, those 10 minutes you take are for YOU.
  3. Positive thinking – life happens no matter WHAT situation we are in and if you can set your mind to a positive way of thinking it will get you where you want to go further and destress the rest of the family. I know when I come home with a smile on my face the kids are more relaxed, and if I pick them up in a bad mood it immediately transfers to them and vice versa. I talk to my kids about a good attitude even when we’re tired so we can encourage each other instead of the other way around.
  4. Family time – have dinner together as much as you can. You would be surprised how much bonding time you can have at dinner, then when you go to take time for yourself you won’t feel so guilty about doing so! The more relaxed and cohesive that your family is, the more they won’t miss you when you go take that bath with your candles or read a book on your favorite chair.

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