My Horror-ifically Interesting Radio Show This Week

8.17 Fascinating World of HORROR

I must admit, I had little to no knowledge about the horror film industry, and until I started interviewing brilliant game-changers in the industry I didn’t know how viable or interesting it could be..

From celebrity actresses to one of the founders of theFANtastic Horror Film Festival in San Diego, my latest show was horror-ifically great!!

First Tamara Glynn joined us – Tamara is an icon within the horror community, an accomplished actress and also runs the Hot Springs Horror Film Festival taking place September 22 – 25. Then we heard from one of the founders of the FANtastic Horror Film Festival in San Diego, Joann Thomas, and she spoke about what it takes to build and market a film festival.

Finally, celebrity model/actress Sara Barrett came back on the show to give us an update on her cyber bullying debacle on Facebook last month and to also let us know the many projects she is starring in currently.

Become an insider on the horror film industry here:


What’s it REALLY like to be in the Olympics?!

I am SO excited I got to interview 5-TIME Olympian Jackie Edwards on my show! She was so candid about her journey as an Olympic athlete. I always wondered what they went through, mentally as well as physically.

Jackie-Edwards-NCAA-Long-Jump-Champion-from-Stanford del
Staff Photo by Donald Knowles Jackie Edwards gets in a practice jump prior to the womenÕs long jump competition at the IAAF World Championships in Athletics at the Stade-de-France in Paris France.

Jackie is now an entrepreneur, she founded “Tootsie Socks,”and in a few days will watch the games in Rio on her couch snacking on popcorn (well, I don’t know if she will be eating, but that’s what I would be doing).

Here is our show together, along with powerhouse/entrepreneur Stephanie Mansour, Step It Up w/ Steph. These two ladies were entertaining, insightful, inspirational and motivating: