It’s Fashion Show Time Starting Today!

That’s right – the glamorous shows have begun with NYC taking the lead, then onto London, Milan then Paris! Ahhh, I remember those days as a model, walking the runway in the blinding spotlights in foreign countries where I couldn’t speak the language…well this week I got to interview celebrity stylist George Brescia who brought us into that world (if only on my show!) for a few minutes. George has worked with celebrities from the red carpet at the Oscars to many Broadway superstars. He had fascinating insight on what it takes to live in that world, how he deals with the endless stars’ entourages and balancing the stiletto world to keep everyone happy.

Also joining us was Maria Sutej, founder of LaLure, the first direct marketing company to provide clothing to plus size women! We discussed what (BIG quote) “PLUS size” really means and that it should be considered “AVERAGE size” these days.

Listen to this captivating show that I hosted on What Women Want Talk Radio about the in’s and out’s of the fashion world and a few tips you can use to spark up this season’s trends for less: 


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