My Digital Personal Conundrum

I do digital…who doesn’t these days? Or can’t?

I have such a push-pull of crossing that digital line into the personal which includes meeting people as well as “laying it all out there” for everyone to see.

The PUSH: I have a choice – I realize that. I don’t HAVE to lay out my personal life on TV, radio and wherever else I decide to build my personal brand through my story, but I do. And if I didn’t, people could find it out anyway. But sometimes I WANT to go offline for a few weeks…but I may miss something or I think, it won’t help my brand to not be relevant.

The PULL: The more we reveal our true selves, the more we can help people and be authentic and use our story to move forward with ourselves, whether it be in business, finding a soulmate, strengthening out spirituality or anything else.

So tonight’s show particularly interests me on a personal level because in our very digital world it’s such a fine line to be walking…or is it?

Listen live or access our replays:

5.17 Turning DIgital Into Personal


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