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Over 900,000 downloads since inception

Since 2014 What Women Want Talk Radio has maintained its popularity with over 10,000 listeners/show, entertaining listeners with a variety of guests and topics. We get inspired every show, and know you will too!

Laugh, learn and be inspired every show along with Judy and Kristin and their fascinating celebrities and savvy experts from around the world as they cover topics that women (and some men!) want to hear! Join them for celeb talk and behind the scenes anecdotes, candid stories of personal triumphs and tragedies, dating/relationship foibles and advice, and well, anything that sparks thoughtful conversation and an encouraging motivation for success in life and business.

Judy Goss is a TV personality and radio show host who interviews A-list celebrities, hosts her own shows and works as a TV correspondent and contributor all across the country. She is currently radio show host of “What Women Want” with over 900,000 downloads, a regular contributor on FOX NY and NBC CT, a published author of St. Martin’s Press and a writer for NY Lifestyles Magazine. Judy is also an entrepreneur who founded the nationally acclaimed networking organization What Women Want with several chapters spanning from NY to CA. Her background is in the fashion and publishing industries as an international high fashion model with Ford NY who eventually made her way behind the camera as a modeling agent for several years, then as an editor of Cosmopolitan and MORE Magazines before she segued into the world of TV and radio. Passionate about children, Judy is on the board for StopCAIDNow, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and volunteers for the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Metro NY. She is the proud Mom of twin girls currently residing with her husband in NY.

Kristin West is an award-winning actress, producer and screenwriter.  Her performances have been garnering international attention, with screenings at many esteemed festivals all over the world, including Festival de Cannes. West has been on the jury of prestigious film festivals, moderated and spoken on many panels and has acted as a mentor to many up-and-coming actors, writers and filmmakers.  West has had several appearances on the small screen as well. In addition to her successful film and TV career, West can be heard, along with co-host Judy Goss, on What Women Want Talk Radio.


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