When “No” Should Be Seen As “Level Up”

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I’ve been studying positive thinking and the impact we have on ourselves when we “think” the right way, and recently I decided that a “no” just means that I need to think bigger or expand my choices to new and higher levels.

I am so used to rejection from being a model and actress that when I started a business I didn’t think it would bother me as much – but it did. Perhaps because when it was said, it was announced to my face (or on the phone), and not in the realm of just not hearing back about a callback or a confirmation, which is lingo for moving ahead with work in the entertainment world. When you get rejected after you audition, you usually don’t hear back from anyone. In the business world it’s a different story, you have to face the rejection head on and emotions tend to be reactive instead of having a cushion of time between “performing” an audition and pitching someone a business plan or selling a product or service.

The way to look at rejection that boomerangs so quickly after a presentation, interview or pitch is to think “what can I do to shoot higher than what this person is missing in my presentation?” Now, this works particularly well if you have either worked with the company or person before so you can evaluate what happened in the past and move beyond it, but also if you are a newbie in business – you can spin your perspective to let it spur you on to bigger and better choices that you may not have considered if you didn’t get rejected in the first place.

Don’t settle, is my point – there are bigger fish in the sea and if not bigger, certainly better tasting ones that will be healthier for your working future self in the long run.





Cannabis, Pot, Marijuana – whatever you call it.


I call it an industry that is exploding exponentially, with a lot of controversy, money to be made and ways to help people battling serious medical issues. Whether you are for or against the legalization of cannabis, it is a groundswell that is not going away anytime soon.

I got called out naming my show “The Talk Around Pot” on Facebook (you know, one of THOSE comments) because “the word pot was made up by the government” to belittle its benefits. In doing a little research, I found this reason made more sense then a government conspiracy: Potiguaya, which means Marijuana Leaves, is where the term “pot” came from.

See? You already learned something.

Whatever you call it, keeping up with the latest will help you make a decision on which side you stand (we wont judge, either side is what is best for you) – this show is a discussion from industry insiders about some staggering facts and conversation we thought would be beneficial to bring to light:

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Just Another Year…Or Is it???

I almost called this show “Too Much Thinking” because I feel like we all get caught up in the whole New Year Resolution bit.

In my opinion, if you want to change something or start something new in your life, then why wait for the New Year? JUST DO IT like Nike says.

But then you lose out on the ceremony of it all…the celebration, the official kick-off, the passion of starting something new when the calendar SAYS you should start it.

That’s why we invited Dr. Robi Ludwig back on the show to start off the New Year explaining to us that we’re not completely crazy THINKING TOO MUCH.

New Year, New Thoughts – sit back and enjoy our over-thinking and figure out what’s right for YOU:


1.3.18 New Year New Thoughts SOCIAL

Planning on changing anything for 2018?

Then this is the show for you!

Make those changes/resolutions/goals for next year LAST.

Author, motivational speaker and INC Magazine editor Bill Carmody came on our show to let us know how his decades of experience building high-profile marketing agencies led him to his new career of Leadership Coaching, and how he teaches people to create success and make it stick, whether it’s in life or business.

Also joining us is Kricket Harrison, author of “Focus On The Finish Line,” speaker and business coach talks about how follow through is the key to success AND longevity with your career. Kricket says that “you have to be really clear on the commitments you make” and lays out her advice for moving forward with those commitments.

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11.29 Creating Lasting Change SOCIAL

Behind Hollywood’s Stereotype Hype

11.22 Behind Hollywoods Stereotype Hype social

Scintillating conversation from Hollywood’s latest directors, filmmakers and actors about how they are breaking ground for ALL cultures and backgrounds to star in non-typical roles and become more mainstream.

Director Armin Nasseri from the movie “Seeking Valentina” and the creative team behind “Murder In The Woods,” Yelena DeLeon and Luis Iga, come together to define how the meaning of “casting against type” and promoting cultural significance in leading roles for films is revolutionizing the film industry.