Gutsy Interview with former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Kate White

The former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan for 15 years knows how to be gutsy! Kate White, a NY Times bestselling author, is now coming out with The Gutsy Girl Handbook to show you how to catapult to success in every area of your life. We find out about her new soon-to-be bestseller and also what she reveals about her reign as the Queen of Cosmopolitan for so many years.




We Don’t Listen to The Word “NEVER”

“You will never dance…”
“You will never be able to talk again…”
We don’t listen to “NEVER” and neither do our guests!
Aurea McGarry, Emmy award-winning TV Host who was told she will never talk again BEFORE she won her Emmy (!) and Actress Donna Russo, star of Emmy submitted web series “Donna On The Go” was told she would “never dance.”
Well, they proved the world wrong.
3.28.18 We Dont Listen To Never

Leaping Out Of That Box

Leaping Out Of The Box

Here at What Women Want we are not just stepping out of the box but leaping out by having sensational guests every week like Tosca Musk, from the innovative Musk Family. Tosca has invented her own revolutionary concept that is disrupting the movie industry in a big, female way and our other guest Peggy Lane O’Rourke, an award-winning actress and producer that is breaking ground with an EMMY Nominated web series called “Donna On The Go” featuring the challenges of the disabled community in a light-hearted way.


What to bring on your next trip

As a lifestyle correspondent, I am always looking for unique products and services that people can enjoy while combining the fun with the practical. This time I came up with Travel Treasures for your next vacation! I’m going away with my family to California in April, and thought about what I would like to take with me on my trip – here’s the list I came up with that was featured on NBC CT this week:

The Spa Dress – An answer to the “towel-dropping syndrome,” this cover-up is not only a cute sundress but also dries you off, stays UP and supports the girls all at the same time:

spa del

GirlyGoGarter – Ever wear a dress without pockets to dinner and wonder where you are going to put your money and keys? I always do! Especially on vacation:

girl del

ISlide – ISlides are the hottest sandal to slide into spring and summer.  As seen on Shark Tank, ISlides are completely customizable – you can design and personalize with names, pictures, NBA and NCAA teams, Nickelodeon characters and more!

slide del

Porte Play – I don’t know about you but I’m tired of pulling things out of my carry-on and having 83 cords and chargers come along with it! This will keep you tangle free and organized in the electronic department:


InstaVit – Stop fumbling with the vitamin pills! I keep mine in a ziploc and it’s highly inconvenient to dig them out and balance them with a bottle of water, handbag, kids…you get it. Vitamin in a spray, brilliant:

instavit del

And finally, there’s an app to find a gym near where you are and also make a day or week pass available within seconds! If you’re like me, working out on vacation (or during a business trip) is key to staying on course with any fitness routine:


To view the NBC Connecticut segment about these products with me and anchor Kerri-Lee Mayland please click here:

Hear Us Roar!


It’s always thrilling when you have powerful women all in one place, and it’s no different on What Women Want Talk Radio when we have game-changing guests like award-winning director, producer and screen-writer Leslie Zemeckis as well as author of Joy, Joy, Joy Ellen Wood. Listen to our latest show where we delve into Leslie’s Red Carpet life along with her new movie premiere about the first tiger trainer back in the early 1900’s and Ellen’s fix for living the strongest, longest life that you possibly can:

Decisions, decisions…

If you think about it, everything in your life is a decision – from the moment you wake up and get out of bed (you decided to start the day) to when you get home at night, what to have for dinner…you get it.
Join us as we learn how to make CONSCIOUS decisions, how it can affect us and more with Emotional Intelligence Expert Jane Bishop and founder of Sacred Stories Media Patricia Cagganello

LISTEN HERE: Decisions, decisions replay here

1.14.18 Decisions Decisions SOCIAL POST

What’s Holding You Back?


Do you set out to do something and then a little voice tells you “be careful” or “don’t risk it” or “you won’t make it”? I think we all do!

On this show, superstar of the horror film world Bill Oberst, Jr. talks candidly about the times he didn’t think he was going to make it in the acting world, and Daniella Cracknell shocks listeners with her honesty about her tragic life lessons along the way that we can all learn from: