Multiple Career MANIA

If you have more than one career or job, this show is not to be missed!

Multiple Career Social share

All three women on this show have several careers in different industries, and VERY pertinent advice to balancing it all, physically, mentally and practical business every day advice.

Kristin West hosts with guests Joan Pelzer and Pamella Horton, talking about the importance of putting processes in place for your business/businesses, how to stay centered and focused and get back to your center in just a few seconds and all about embracing your multi-tasking talents that Kristin calls our “side hustles.”

Enjoy listening to the show with some incredible conversation from game-changing women!

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Power Up YOUR Presence!

TV personality/founder of Jill Simonian came on the show to talk about her experience in anchoring a high profile entertainment show and then suddenly becoming pregnant and, well, freaked out! And whether you’re a mom or not, celebrity makeup artist Ashlee Glazer uncovered the latest trends in looking good and how she deals with backstage antics of some of her personal experiences on the red carpet and during weddings.
Get your “Face in a Case” here:

“Speaking Up and OUT”


Jennifer Wilkov spent time in federal prison for a white collar crime she didn’t commit!

From her experience of speaking up to save her life through a nightmare-like groundhog day with the federal government and the banking industry, she founded the annual Speak Up Women Conference and it’s coming up March 3rd with some phenomenal women holding workshops, speaking and moderating panels. One of the keynotes is our other guest, Dr. Danielle Sheypuk, a disability rights advocate who was the first model to grace the runway from a wheelchair. Awesome women and motivating conversation with hosts Judy Goss and Kristin West. Here is the replay:

Coaching isn’t just for sports anymore


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Olympians aren’t the only ones who use coaches!

Everyone is talking about “life coaches” and what they do – but what can they do FOR YOU? And how do you know they are legit, let alone pick the right type for what you need?There are countless types of coaches, from getting motivated in your career to blending families of divorced couples – watch my NBC CT segment to find out more:

An electric interview w/ actress Stacy Rose from HBO’s hit show “Ballers” and Adventurer Ashlan Cousteau

Every week my show “What Women Want” is so DIFFERENT, and this week was no exception!

I was thrilled to have on actress Stacy Rose from HBO’s hist show “Ballers” and TV Host/Adventurer Ashlan Cousteau to spill their stories of how they made it from small towns to Hollywood stardom.  Stacy was born in Jamaica and lived part of her childhood there and Ashlan is from North Carolina.

Stacy talked about how intimidating it can be to act with Dwayne Johnson (the ROCK!) in the scenes where it’s just him and her and Ashlan is married to Jacques Cousteau’s grandson – and who knew that she was an adventurer/philanthropist in her own right before she met him. Here is more on both in one fascinating show: