My Digital Personal Conundrum

I do digital…who doesn’t these days? Or can’t?

I have such a push-pull of crossing that digital line into the personal which includes meeting people as well as “laying it all out there” for everyone to see.

The PUSH: I have a choice – I realize that. I don’t HAVE to lay out my personal life on TV, radio and wherever else I decide to build my personal brand through my story, but I do. And if I didn’t, people could find it out anyway. But sometimes I WANT to go offline for a few weeks…but I may miss something or I think, it won’t help my brand to not be relevant.

The PULL: The more we reveal our true selves, the more we can help people and be authentic and use our story to move forward with ourselves, whether it be in business, finding a soulmate, strengthening out spirituality or anything else.

So tonight’s show particularly interests me on a personal level because in our very digital world it’s such a fine line to be walking…or is it?

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5.17 Turning DIgital Into Personal


Ditching Those Mental Blocks

5.3 Ditching Mental Blocks Social

We had a feeling that there are more mental blocks than people realize, so we asked the experts how they coach people to deal with them, and even how to find them! Dr. Colleen Mullen, licensed marriage and family therapist, and Jennifer Longmore, master healer and international bestselling author, shine a light on better understanding ourselves and our mental proclivities.

Hosted by Judy Goss and Kristin West – listen to the replay here:

One of the things that bonds us…

4.26 Jenna Wolfe social post

I had the honor and privilege of interviewing former TODAY Show anchor Jenna Wolfe on my show this week, along with my awesome co-host Kristin West, and I was so impressed with her honesty and way of laying it all out there no matter what we were talking about. I asked her if she taught classes in how to be like that on camera LOL and in the end, she is just like one of us – trying to figure out who she is and staying true to that sense of self.

For in the end, we are only who we are from what we make of ourselves, right?

Listen to this epic interview, “Be Bold” here:

Multiple Career MANIA

If you have more than one career or job, this show is not to be missed!

Multiple Career Social share

All three women on this show have several careers in different industries, and VERY pertinent advice to balancing it all, physically, mentally and practical business every day advice.

Kristin West hosts with guests Joan Pelzer and Pamella Horton, talking about the importance of putting processes in place for your business/businesses, how to stay centered and focused and get back to your center in just a few seconds and all about embracing your multi-tasking talents that Kristin calls our “side hustles.”

Enjoy listening to the show with some incredible conversation from game-changing women!

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Power Up YOUR Presence!

TV personality/founder of Jill Simonian came on the show to talk about her experience in anchoring a high profile entertainment show and then suddenly becoming pregnant and, well, freaked out! And whether you’re a mom or not, celebrity makeup artist Ashlee Glazer uncovered the latest trends in looking good and how she deals with backstage antics of some of her personal experiences on the red carpet and during weddings.
Get your “Face in a Case” here:

“Speaking Up and OUT”


Jennifer Wilkov spent time in federal prison for a white collar crime she didn’t commit!

From her experience of speaking up to save her life through a nightmare-like groundhog day with the federal government and the banking industry, she founded the annual Speak Up Women Conference and it’s coming up March 3rd with some phenomenal women holding workshops, speaking and moderating panels. One of the keynotes is our other guest, Dr. Danielle Sheypuk, a disability rights advocate who was the first model to grace the runway from a wheelchair. Awesome women and motivating conversation with hosts Judy Goss and Kristin West. Here is the replay: